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Fly Patterns with tag Bucktail

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Scott's Prawn
tied by: Hywel

tied by: avelino

The Falcon
tied by: Duane Vigue

Allys Tricolour
tied by: Jon Boy

Fatal Attraction
tied by: Fly~Junkie

Humber Highlander
tied by: Newfie Flytyer

The Shadow
tied by: flygirl

Grey Downunder (Matuka Rangeley Bucktail Streamer)
tied by: letumgo

Lake Erie Shiner (Thunder Creek Style)
tied by: letumgo

Golden Polar Bear (Hairwing Streamer)
tied by: letumgo

B&O Worm
tied by: skunked

Classic Deceivers
tied by: BigDaddyHub

tied by: Artur

(Stevens) Gee Whiz
tied by: peter.simonson

Jon Boy's Killer (variation of Mrs. Simpson streamer)
tied by: letumgo

little yellow sally
tied by: Joe Hard

Shrimp P&W
tied by: horseshoe

White Glo Clouser
tied by: hojnacki

(Stevens) Casablanca
tied by: peter.simonson

Simple Green Tandem Streamer
tied by: letumgo

Gray Wolf's Orange Tiger
tied by: peter.simonson

Orange Smelt
tied by: sandflyx

Royal Coachman Bucktail Streamer (Tube)
tied by: jdavis

(Stevens) Gray Ghost
tied by: peter.simonson

First Impression
tied by: Duane Vigue

Tandem Clouser
tied by: deeky

Old barn
tied by: joelst

Black Ghost Variant
tied by: parlltwin

(Stevens) Big Ben
tied by: peter.simonson

Pike poper
tied by: StY|EsoX

tied by: Dave Mac

Chatterer Agitator
tied by: Duane Vigue
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