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Albino Keel Winged Streamer (Upunder Style)
tied by: letumgo

The Conure
tied by: atlanticsalmonflyguy

The Brillar Chironimid Pupae
tied by: navigator36

Molting Crayfish
tied by: martice

Slightly Salty
tied by: letumgo

Glass Minnow Clouser
tied by: siestafred

Egg Sucking Crayfish AKA: The Cradle Robber
tied by: Frank G. Swarner III

Double Bunny Diver
tied by: hampe998

Sucker Punch Stone
tied by: Pelhament

Bunny Strip Diver
tied by: OLB

tied by: Firetiger

Lady Practitioner
tied by: Davy

tied by: nfs_1

Crazy Diver
tied by: john adams

Fire Tube
tied by: Mixon

Spawning Dace (Educator)
tied by: Joe Hard

EP Cutthroat
tied by: flyfishingheaven

Gummy Bugger
tied by: FishyboY

tied by: thegreatscout

Uv woven stone
tied by: day5

Fox's Poopah
tied by: cencalfly

Mikkeli Blue
tied by: tompa

Foam Hopper II
tied by: Bulldog5485

Yummy Bunny Craw
tied by: spflugradt

Redfish Gotcha
tied by: siestafred

Coyote Shad
tied by: dsaavedra

Wooly Bully
tied by: Dble Haul

Yellow Harlequin
tied by: btrout

Horse Fly
tied by: Voodoo

Claret & Squirrel
tied by: streamertyer

tied by: caribbean reef life

Y&B Blanton's Whistler
tied by: rich5665
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