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Fly Patterns with tag Ostrich

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tied by: atlanticsalmonflyguy

The Artful Dodger
tied by: Fly Tyer Guy

Pheasant Tail Nymph (variant)
tied by: Mokai

Wayne's Sowbug
tied by: wayne SW/MO

Golgen Gecko
tied by: dickvinny1219

Mayfly nymph
tied by: flydoc

tied by: Ronn Lucas

Polar Green
tied by: Frank G. Swarner III

A 'trio' of GREEN PARSONS (Malone) 'low water style'
tied by: geraldsherbrook

Lady Mills
tied by: Isonychia

Green Highlander
tied by: Sgart

Ostrich & Hen
tied by: Soft-hackle

Movin & Groovin Bucktail
tied by: djmyers

Scarlet Ibis
tied by: Ronn Lucas

Smiley (Tippet Grub)
tied by: Davy

tied by: lykos33

Green Highlander
tied by: Sgart

Pond critter
tied by: fishinwrench

Golden Drop (Kelson)
tied by: peter.simonson

HMG Gilled Nymph Variant
tied by: HMG Fly Systems

Rosy Dawn
tied by: birdy_34

Stack G.Highlander (sg)
tied by: Sgart

Bug Skin stone
tied by: isoemerger18

Pink/purple spey
tied by: btrout

Black Fox 242 Hl
tied by: Joe Hard

The Buddhist
tied by: J.Z

Burma Star
tied by: GTSE

Contest Bass Streamer
tied by: Joe Hard

Princess Diana-2 (Princess to the World)
tied by: kentads

Morning Wave #5/0
tied by: Kunnari

Major (classic wet)
tied by: Gilly

Squid. Tube
tied by: ctaylor
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