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Fly Patterns with tag Ostrich

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backwards hex
tied by: day5

Little Green Caddis Pupa
tied by: Glen-Dayton

Green Rattler, MOM style
tied by: Joe Hard

The claret Jock Scott
tied by: Sgart

Andora - Salmon Fly
tied by: Artur

Salscraggie (Pale Torrish) 4/0
tied by: Isonychia

james sow
tied by: HFT

tied by: wickedcarpenter

Ecdyonorus nimph
tied by: Tolefly

Autumn Breeze (Streamer)
tied by: letumgo

Junk Box
tied by: JeremyH

Oct.Caddis pupa
tied by: fhani

Foam Caddis Pupae
tied by: dronlee

W.Blacker 2(McPhail)
tied by: Peaty Mann

No namer yet
tied by: GTSE

a 'longish' SIR RICHARD 3/0 (after one year !)
tied by: geraldsherbrook

tied by: Hardyhead

Spey,Double Winged White Winged Akroyd(McPhail)
tied by: Peaty Mann

Nicol's Favorite (Kelson)
tied by: flykid

tied by: Peter 1630

Red Devil - Retied
tied by: GTSE

tied by: Ronn Lucas

my PURPLE EMPEROR homework 2/0
tied by: geraldsherbrook

No Name
tied by: flykid

tied by: Ronn Lucas

tied by: RexHunt

Variation on a Theme #3
tied by: TroutBum

Purple People Eater
tied by: GTSE

"the TAITE's FANCY" (Hardy & TAITE) 3/0
tied by: geraldsherbrook

tied by: baboriba

Mar Lodge
tied by: Sgart

Pophan 7/0 variant
tied by: tomek@poland
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