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Fly Patterns with tag Partridge

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Avon Eagle (Price-Tannat)
tied by: bobfly

Caddis Larva
tied by: JRG

Commander Caddis
tied by: deflyguy

March Brown Spider.
tied by: john adams

Michael Verduin's Woven Woolly
tied by: BusterWolfe

Gilled Nymph
tied by: Redwings1

The Smith (McPhail)
tied by: Peaty Mann

March Brown variant
tied by: Mice

"The caddis hatch"
tied by: PetterG

Chieftain (Olive)
tied by: Hywel

March Brown
tied by: john adams

The Blue Racer
tied by: zip

tied by: dwiltshire

Spawning Purple
tied by: Peter 1630

Hardy fly
tied by: flydoc

tied by: flydoc

Sherbrook (Pryce-Tannatt)
tied by: Isonychia

Wooly Caddis
tied by: fly_fischa

Copper and Blue
tied by: darrenmaceachern

Duckydoty's crawdad Part 2
tied by: duckydoty

tied by: Artur

Mooselucmaguntic (Marbury)
tied by: WaterWolf

My Big Star
tied by: john adams

Brown Olive Caddis Nymph
tied by: Mice

Matthews Peccadillo
tied by: James113

Dirty Caddis
tied by: Chad Trout

Olive Bear PTN
tied by: WindyHillFlys

MacIntyre Walbran 1889
tied by: bobfly

NymphHead Hare's Ear
tied by: omahajimc

Pearly Steps (McPhail)
tied by: Peaty Mann

Fox Tail Palmer V.
tied by: Artur

Silver Doctor
tied by: Mixon
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