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This is Pikemania - Loop Tackle

Nymphing with Switch and Spey Rods- by Dave Henry

Ray Bergman Collection - 212) Light Blow

Jock Scott- By Shawn Mitchell

Show us Your Bench #15

Hopper Legs- by Fred Hannie

Fly Patterns with tag Partridge

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GreenButt DEE
tied by: Davy

tied by: Artur

Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear
tied by: Soft-hackle

tied by: scotfly

Galway's Grannom
tied by: cussfly16

Filoplume nymph
tied by: Gregor

Half Breed Sculpin
tied by: fishermansfly

Contest hairwing, 2006
tied by: Joe Hard

Copper Killer
tied by: TroutBum

Fiery Fly
tied by: Old Hat

Hards Oarnge
tied by: Joe Hard

Dirty Belly Scud
tied by: Dart

Red Headed Step Child
tied by: floydiology

Red Possum
tied by: FlySlinger

Green & Pink Scud
tied by: john adams

Striptease Midge Pupa
tied by: WindyHillFlys

Black Top Salmon Fly
tied by: Artur

green weenie
tied by: dfield

Golden Moment
tied by: flytire

Cruella de Ville (Soft Hackle)
tied by: letumgo

Black Wulff
tied by: Joe Hard

Emeg. Pheasant
tied by: Second

Floating hare'ear nymph
tied by: flydoc

BWO Pre-emerger
tied by: Newbury

Partridge and Wood Duck
tied by: Alex_F

Winged March Brown
tied by: dwiltshire

Wet Fly Pl.3
tied by: Artur

tied by: uncletube

Purple & Violet Spey
tied by: Tomasz Płaza

Wet Fly pl. 15
tied by: Artur

Queen of the Waters (varient)
tied by: Alex_F

jungle bird
tied by: flytyer75
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