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Fly Patterns with tag Seal

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tied by: Davy

Only Purple
tied by: Mice

Purple & Badger,( Currys Red Shrimp)
tied by: Joe Hard

The Lil' Black And Blue
tied by: Fly Tyer Guy

Brads Brat variation
tied by: Joe Hard

Game Bird
tied by: Old Hat

The ? (McPhail)
tied by: Peaty Mann

The Switcher (Tolfrey)
tied by: flykid

tied by: peter.simonson

The Swede
tied by: Mixon

tied by: RexHunt

'The BLACK FAIRY' (out of MALONE's book) 1/0
tied by: geraldsherbrook

Beacon (Marbury)
tied by: birdy_34

POP Fly (Soft Hackle)
tied by: letumgo

Black and blue
tied by: Mixon

Turkey Spey
tied by: RexHunt

Wabbit Intruder
tied by: steeliecore

bead butts
tied by: fish

Butterman (Malone) 2/0
tied by: Isonychia

Lee Blue (2)
tied by: Isonychia

tied by: Frank G. Swarner III

a couple of BLACKERS '4th fly for the river BANN" fly recipes 1842
tied by: geraldsherbrook

Pop's Spiny Water Flea
tied by: fishinlk

Bead-Cased Caddis (DW)
tied by: dwiltshire

Cheney (Orvis/Cheney Pattern)
tied by: WaterWolf

Sir Herbert
tied by: yassid2

A simple "GREY AND PEACOCK" wet (freestyle) on a n 8 hook
tied by: geraldsherbrook

Durham Ranger
tied by: Sgart

Gray Spey
tied by: btrout

A Nickelson Dressing(McPhail)
tied by: Peaty Mann

tied by: flyryan

Deep Red Duck
tied by: Davy
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