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Fly Patterns with tag Shrimp

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STF Shrimp
tied by: tcr

PZ Style Scud
tied by: Janusz Panicz

bendback shrimp
tied by: bassturd

"South Side Johnny"
tied by: octopusshrimp

Shrimp Naranja
tied by: luvinbluegills

Mysis Shrimp
tied by: Blueman89

Epoxy Shrimp
tied by: striblue

PRP Fly (Soft Hackle)
tied by: letumgo

Ally's Shrimp
tied by: CharlieD

OarngeAlly's Shrimp varration
tied by: Joe Hard

Tippet Shrimp
tied by: Hywel

Pink Shrimp (DW)
tied by: dwiltshire

Sandshrimp Fly
tied by: Steelheader69

Allys Shrimp
tied by: Jon Boy

S.L.W. Shrimp
tied by: JeremyH

Hannie's Tube shrimp
tied by: fhani

easy brown shrimp pattern, deep south reds and specks
tied by: Bud Guidry

tied by: Micktom

Improved Left Over Shrimp
tied by: Blueman89

Shrimp Zonker Bonker
tied by: dafack01

O Mykiss mysis shrimp
tied by: day5

tied by: adelgadillocarrillo

Purple & Badger,( Currys Red Shrimp)
tied by: Joe Hard

Muskrat Shrimp
tied by: Hnat

Modifyied Currys Shrimp
tied by: Joe Hard

The Silver Ally's Shrimp Single Hook V.
tied by: Artur

Claret Shrimp
tied by: Jens Lund Adamsen

Wimpy Shrimpy
tied by: Wellman

Jiggin' Shrimp Fly
tied by: siestafred

small shrimp
tied by: nfs_1

tied by: Swe-Classics

DNA Shrimp
tied by: deercreek
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