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The Ray Bergman Collection - 46) Bouncer

Olive Klinkhamer- by Loren Williams

Video: The Knucklehead Streamer by Richard Strollis

Candy Bug nymph - by Ruben Martin

The Ray Bergman Collection - 101) Emma

Hatches 2012: The Ghetto Booty by Nick Granato

Fly Patterns with tag marabou

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Murray's Marauder (Brown)
tied by: letumgo

HairyMara Slider
tied by: Blueman89

Tungsten Leech - Wolly Bugger Variant
tied by: Sendenca

Ugly Moe
tied by: Blueman89

swimming frog
tied by: sniksoh

akroyd white wing
tied by: flyryan

Pink sparkle minnow
tied by: Teioneon

Baited Breath
tied by: Gran8Rocks68

Shenks White Minnow
tied by: cbarnes

The Thing
tied by: Shaq

Marabout Muddler Noir
tied by: DLamy

Marabou Magnum
tied by: navigator36

Notta Bugger
tied by: luvinbluegills

tied by: panfisherteen

tied by: andrisav3

Marabou Muddler
tied by: moskito_01

Charteuse & White Nutcracker
tied by: martice

tied by: trevally

Sili Skin Brown Crab
tied by: striblue

green zoo cougar
tied by: tatt

Gartside Bug Variation
tied by: martice

Damsel green marabou muddler
tied by: Joe Hard

Inverted Crayfish (ribbed)
tied by: FishyboY

the sun king
tied by: jordn_raid64

Swimming Phaisant Tail Nymph
tied by: jemmanuel

Muir Lake Bugger
tied by: pacres

Leech woolly bugger
tied by: horseshoe

tied by: jschmidt63

tied by: OLB

Sparkle Back Crease Fly
tied by: Joe Hard

Snake Charmer
tied by: FishyboY

Pheasant Hornberg
tied by: cornmuse
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