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Fly Patterns with tag peacock herl

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Blue Rat
tied by: CapeBSalar

Hemingway Caddis
tied by: Bugsy

Embden Fancy
tied by: darrenmaceachern

Partridge & PT Spider
tied by: siestafred

Mouldy Plum (Spey Variation)
tied by: letumgo

Lime Hen & Herl (Soft Hackle)
tied by: letumgo

Fat-Back Green Highlander(McPhail)
tied by: Peaty Mann

Buddy's Special
tied by: joelst

Woven Bluegill Spider
tied by: FrequentTyer

The Remains(McPhail)
tied by: Peaty Mann

Turkey Tail Soft Hackle
tied by: letumgo

Philadelphia Phillies
tied by: Fontinalis

Zug Bug
tied by: Michigan Trout Guy

Squirrelly Nymph (Whitlock Variant)
tied by: letumgo

Gray Hackle Peacock
tied by: flytire

tied by: birdy_34

Mood Indigo
tied by: willowhead

leadwing coachman
tied by: Glen-Dayton

Elk Hair Something-or-Other
tied by:

Silver Outcast (Charles Waterman)
tied by: letumgo

Black holo midge
tied by:

Stony's Peacock Tail Pom Pom
tied by: stony

Austie's Special (Stevens)
tied by: peter.simonson

Bainbridges` Ogmore 1816
tied by: bobfly

Beany Wriggler
tied by: Jimmy Aw

Ballou Special (Marabou & Bucktail Streamer)
tied by: letumgo

#18 Olive Brassie Emerger
tied by: siestafred

Red Peacock Herl Midge
tied by: carlp5351

BH Prince Nymph
tied by: FishyboY

Daryns cray
tied by: Joe Hard

Cay's Choice
tied by: kennethkloeppel

Jock Scott (Marbury)
tied by: birdy_34
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