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Fly Tying Bench - akfrank

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I converted a hot tub area into my fly tying man cave. I have an area to build fly rods other wise it is part of my to do area and where I can watch my tying videos. I use several of scrapbooking storage units plus several styles of three drawer units. Off to the side I have book case where I have my tying manuals and files all my pass subscriptions to tying magazies. I have all the Fly Tyer back to 1995 as a refernce source. My table is lowered 3 inches an idea I got from Ak Best articile on how to set up a tying area. My grandkids are learning to tie and fly fish with me. My tying area does double duty as I instruct for Project Healing Waters Alaska Chapter and coordinate clinics for Alaska Fly Fishers. I spend my summers fishing the road system in Alaska.

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