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Fly Tying Bench - ggmiller

Comment on This Bench

Several years ago I realized that I needed a more permanent bench, as I was tired of tying at the kitchen table and moving my stuff all the time. I bought some 2 x 4s and some particle board shelving materials and built the bench to hold the little, brown 5 drawer chest. The back, upper shelf is made to fold down and the bench is on wheels so I can move it from a storage room to the living room where I tied flies. We recently moved and I now have a permanent room for my fly tying and computers. My wife is a middle school librarian and when they updated their library to computerized records she asked if I wanted an old card catalog file system. Boy, did I ever! Great storage room in that! My wife is a quilter and I follow her around to the quilt shows and quilting stores and you'd be amazed at what you can find for tying! She bought the 2 little white 4 drawer cabinets on the left on top of the card catalog from a quilt show. I have their web site if any one would like it, just email me. My wife quilted the jumping fish picture and we got it framed when Micheal's had a 50% off sale on frames. I have more 'organizing' to do yet, but at least I now have the room to spread out and have easy access to all my materials and tools. thanks for looking, George Miller ggmiller

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