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Fly Tying Bench - utyer

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Most of my tying area was built into the room when we bought the house. There was a room on the third floor with a 12 foot long entertainment center the center 4 foot doors opened up for a console TV. There are 4 by 2 foot cabinets on either side, and 4 by 1 foot deep cabinets above those. I added the pull out tying desk to the center section, and built the "stage" for my vise and tools. The storage ares of this wall hold most (but not all,) of my tying stuff. I also have a closet for my rods, reels fly boxes waders etc, a second closet for more tying materials, and a dresser full of more.

When we moved, we down sized. We went from 3800 sq feet to 2300, and from 6 bedrooms to three. Needless to say the fly tying area had to be down sized as well. Here is my NEW tying area, desk and storage is all fit into a 90" long closet. The desk is wider than my last tying desk, and it will slide out and lock in place with two bolts (shown,) which go into two "T" nuts in the lower shelf.

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