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Fly Tying Bench - rockworm

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My tying bench is a simple Ikea table with a couple of planks at the back to hold apothecary jars full of feathers. If you look below the jars you will see there is a space for holding pliers, combs, etc. In the center you can see the tool holder I built for my scissors, forceps, pliers, and bobbins and which also dispenses lead and copper wire. There are wire shelves above my work area which holds my hook collection.

One of my favourite elements of my tool rack is the mounting area at the top left. Instead of just drilling holes in a block of wood I left 4 slots into which can be slid 5" by 6" inserts; one being 3/4" wide and three being 3/8" wide. These can be removed, altered or replaced. The big handle at the top right belongs to my burnishing tool which fits into a felt-lined compartment to protect the dog's-tooth agate.

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