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Fly Tying Bench - Drath

Comment on This Bench

This was my first real woodworking project, the first thing Id call a piece of furniture. Its made of Aspen which is a pretty soft/easy wood to work with. Being a light colored wood it gives me a nice tying background. The finish is straight poly but if I had it to do over again Id probably put a few coats of wax free shellac on under the poly. A poly topcoat is a nice finish to have if you ever spill your head cement (dont ask how I know). The slot behind the vise is a trash receptacle and a very nice feature. It empties by pulling out the small drawer below it. Id probably make the workspace a little deeper if I were to make another one. Not because I need more room to work but to make it easier to open the bottom row of top drawers when I have a lot of materials out. The thread spool rack is a separate piece made from 1/2 aspen and dowel rods. The long feather holders are plastic champagne glasses from the dollar store. The whole thing stays in my basement on that little desk in the pictures or on my coffee table in the basement family room. Let me know if you have any questions. I"ve attached a few "in progress" pics. -D

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