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Fly Tying Bench - lky

Comment on This Bench

I have a corner in the guest room. It's a good thing we don't have guests! My husband built the desk and I searched thrift stores finding everything from pasta drying racks to toothbrush holders to store my material and tools. Home Depot is a great place to find organizers as well. I only wish I could have a view of a trout stream while I sit and tie patterns. Ah well, someday...

My fly tying corner is taking over the whole guest room! It's a good thing our guests are few. My husband built my desk. It folds into a small space about the size of a bookcase. But I never fold it up. I searched thrift stores and garage sales buying pasta a drying rack, spice jars and tooth paste holders to store my material and tools. Home depot is a great source for small plastic drawers and bins. My DVD's and books are kept on the shelves below the bench area. My extra laptop sits on a TV dinner tray to my right. I can watch Utube or read Hatchs to get my patterns. The only thing I wish I could add is a large picture window and a view of a great trout stream. Ah, maybe when I retire...

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