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Fly Tying Bench - ruhan

Comment on This Bench

One of the main features for me of my tying desk is that I designed it specifically so that it will "fit" into the house and meet the wife's approval. The reason why I did this was so that when I am tying, I am not isolated in a back room somewhere, but part of the house. This means that I spend even more time at my desk as I generally do not enjoy sitting in a quiet cold room while the house is "alive". My wife computer and work area is right behind where I sit and the high front actually hides this from the rest of the living room, creating a work room for us in our living room. This means that we spend A LOT of time together here, often just sitting and chatting, looking at photos, etc. (Needs to be said that she is my best friend, so it is easy.) The desk is big enough for me and my son to sit next to each other or for me to have serious elbow room. As you can see, I designed it in a "L" shape with drawers on the short leg. This makes access to material easy without taking any actual desk space. I also have left myself the option to add more drawers underneath the desk should the need ever arise. As you can see, there are plenty of drawers as it is. I personally prefer to be tidy when tying and found this the easiest way to stay organised. Lastly, the desk has actually been designed so it is completely reversible, so when we move and it needs to be "other way around" it can be set up that way. Regards Ruhan

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