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Fly Tying Bench - dogsnfish

Comment on This Bench

I have been fly fishing for about 20 years but only started tying about three years ago, and that is really when I went off of the deep end with my fishing stuff. My spouse is great about it and bought me the table and the giraffe lighting setup. She also bought the decoration on the wall; it is an orca whale shaman’s charm to bring good luck when fishing. My fishing and tying library is below that. The bench is in the corner of our family room so I can have the TV on when tying and can be part of the family. Not shown are two labradors and a husky that lay in front of the fire when I am at my table. I store all of my stuff in the room next to the family room. I built the benches for reloading and working on firearms but now they are dedicated to rod building and my tying supplies. I make all of my flies now, from 22's for spring creeks to 1.5's for steelhead.

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