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Fly Tying Bench - EricF

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Hey Folks, Cleaned up my fly tying desk ... kinda sorta ... and thought I'd post my pix. First of all, thanks to everyone who posted their pix - I appreciate seeing everyone's ideas and I've adopted some of them into enhancements in my desk. The desk is a door - my dad and I made this ... in the '70's as a "lab desk" for when I was doing entomology as a young lad. It is a perfect desk for fly tying as I don't get worked up when I spill head cement on it or superglue a fly to it. One thing that is nice about it is that I've marked standard measurements on the edge of the desk - so when I tie leaders I can easily measure out the length of the various steps.. I've always liked the "fly tying stations" that folks have - that hold tools, etc., but as you can imagine from my desk, I don't like being confined to a space - so I made stepped tool holders that are free floating - so I can move them around as I see fit. Made them out of a white cedar 2x4 I had laying around... The last two pix I really like - first is a picture my dad gave me - him showing me how to fish in California - back in the 60s... The second my sister gave me - same quote - she and I fishing about 5 years ago. Both those pix make me smile. Cheers and thank you all for a great forum. -E

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