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Fly Tying Bench - Aqueous1025

Comment on This Bench

I got a Fly Tying Bench for X-Mas. I like it because it is portable and will store most of what I will be buying. For overflow stuff I also got a big storage container with lots of drawers to keep in the closet, one of those sterilite drawer containers you find in Wallmart.

Well I already had to tinker with my bench. I got this as an early X-mas present and I love it. I especially like the fact that it is portable. I decided however to take the file drawer and turn it into a great pull out shelf to not only give me a lower table to tie on (when I am sitting in the living room on the coach) but also to give me more storage room and maximize that space. I also keep a portable sterilite drawer bin for overflow and big stuff like yarn in the closet. It is nice having this portable, I do not have room for an actual tying area.

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