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Fly Tying Bench - SwingWet

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This first photo is where I started back in February of 2011.Was tying walleye/bass flies and was happy with that.The shops in my town don't have BIG FLIES.Then after a fishing trip in July where I was fishing some old wet flys of my fathers the evolution began.Came home and discovered Ray Bergman's Trout and that was it.Started getting my hands on everything I could for wings.Decided right off that I wanted all my feathers out in the open to facilitate inspiration of ideas.Some of those quills are too beautiful to hide in a drawer.The legs of my bench are Birch from the tree that was in the front yard.The top is also birch that I split by hand.I drilled holes and used dowel pieces to join each board(5 in total).I'm still collecting materials and just this week got my hands on some Florican Quills.I LOVE THIS ART of FLYTYING.

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