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Fly Tying Bench - ClassicRustyHooks

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Hi Folks, Made from an old ink well school desk on bottom. Has BBQ rotisserie fly dryer( thanks to DuffinBoy on Top is exotic African cocabola, 30 yr old butternut, birch, maple, red cedar all interior( keep critters out of feather/fur). Have screens and open bottom drawers for circulation. the sliding stone shelf for vice is riverstone sliced into stone tablet. There is calligraphy labels in chrome holders yet to be put on. I am into classic salmon fly tying thanks to Bill Spicer(instructor and host of New Fly Fisher on WFN) and Rick Whorwoods kind advice. There are some neat features that I figured out as I went along. Welcome any questions or ideas. Thanks, ClassicRustyHooks

missed some photos in download. Thanks ClassicRustyHooks

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