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Fly Tying Bench - switch10

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I built my tying station out of cherry and corian. Details can be found here There are random "used often" material hanging from nails. Goose biots, mallard flank, dubbing, flash materials, foam, marabou, and one nail dedicated to an assortment of different stuff. I also have an organizer with several drawers. Two drawers are hook/bead storage (4th picture). One drawer drawer of chenille/floss/body materials. One drawer dedicated to dubbing. One drawer with random packaged saddle hackles, rubber legs, marabou, mayfly tails, eyes, etc. One drawer with bucktails. Above my desk I have white tail deer, moose, elk, and mule deer body hair. My two most used styles of hooks (tmc 2487, tmc 200R) and beads (2mm, 1.5mm) are stored by size and by color in 7 compartment containers as shown in the 5th picture. The 9th picture shows my selection of turkey, pheasant tail, mallard wing feathers, goose/assortment, and peacock herl. All of my hackle is stored in a plastic bin, in a compartment in my desk as shown in the last picture.

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