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Fly Tying Bench - DavidRN

Comment on This Bench

Just finished this bench, bottom made out of an Ikea computer desk, and the top out of a set of old bookshelves. It was important that I had a shelf for my laptop so as to watch tying DVDs, Youtube, etc. It's also bigger than my previous portable bench - also shown. Tools are available on the side shelf, and I now have storage for loads of spools, and most of the materials go on the shelves below in various boxes. Some tying books can go on the top shelf as well so that they are handy. Must admit I'd like a more satisfactory way to store the materials and hooks etc - perhaps a wooden tool box, but this will have to do for now!

The latest incarnation of my fly tying bench. Started off as a canibalised bookcase, then added an extension to the top. Have recently added a storage box under a partly removable top. Store all materials in Really Useful boxes under the bench. Have added plug sockets. At rear of bench is removable rack for storing spools, and have made a wooden tray for scissors, varnish and bobbin holders, etc. Still have to complete the paint job though. Really meets all my tying needs now.

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