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Fly Tying Bench - mplutodh1

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A couple weeks ago I snagged an armoire that came pretty close to matching our master bedroom set with the intent of turning it into a fly tying station. I've been hesitant to tie more frequently because of the time and hassle of getting all my tools and material out and cleaning it up and putting it away each time. I debated roll-top desks but opted for the armoire for a little more storage and better match with our furniture. With help from my Dad (who is big into wood-working as well as fly fishing/tying) we built an insert that slides into the main area of the armoire. With one shelf to hold craft drawers for feather and material storage and another for more material and book storage. Also opted for peg board backing on the lower portion so I can hang frequently used materials in close reach. The working surface pulls out about 10 inches so I can get the vise in front of me without racking my knees on the cabinet below. A quick HDMI splitter and I've got a TV inside the cabinet so I can watch along with my wife in the evening while still tying (the main TV is far enough outside of the cabinet I'd have to lean out and watch which would mean I'm not tying so that was a no-go). I've also got a small netbook I plan to use for watching SBS videos or checking patterns. I've got some sanding to do before staining but got the bulk of it done today. I'm planning to make a thread storage rack for and a few other tool caddy's for the left wall and bench top. Also planning to add a work light at the top of the cabinet and will have a few IKEA LED lights to focus on the vise. Finally a true tying station that I will be able to tie at and just close the doors and 'hide' the mess!

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