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Fly Tying Bench - salmoseeker

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I started tying flies in the late eighties soon after I switched from stream fishing for trout to fly-fishing for Atlantic Salmon,and never looked back.I turned a spare bedroom in my house to a full time tying room which I can go and not have to worry about cleaning up the mess,closing the door seems to work just tie for myself mainly but have been asked by certain people and an organization to tie for them.I believe I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to criticizing my work at the vise,but in doing so I have seen my work improving each moment.Its the old saying "if your flies are catching fish you must be doing something right" and I'm humble to say my flies are hooking fish.The bamboo rod in the pictures was left to me by my best friend and fishing buddy who past away in was left to him by his father when he past away.Its a Hardy bamboo 8' 3 piece with a spare tip,his father was in the canadian air force and was stationed over seas in the late 40's-50's and he bought this rod and reel when he visited the hardy factory in England,it has a gold reel seat with the Queen stamp on it,with serial #,Ivery inlay in the guides.Its a beautiful rod,with alot of history.Well getting back to my room, to me its a fairly simple set-up and one that gets alot of seat time....

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