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  1. Got mine today. Great flies everyone. I had a lot of fun
  2. I went fishing today and saw tons of carp. All at least 10 lbs. I couldn't get one to take my fly so I jumped in the lake and started going for them barehanded. Actually caght one about 20 lbs. He beat the crap out of me until I put him back. I'll catch fish even if I have to go in and get them myself, lol.
  3. Hey guys how do I get into the meeting online, just through the VTC program? I'm gonna try to be in the meeting.
  4. What is this snow that you speak of? That might have been those two small white things that fell from the sky that one day when I was a kid. lol.
  5. Thanks bowfin. I've looked in to the clubs in my area, but they at least 3 hours from me. I guess I'll just have to start one and see if I can't get some people around here brainwashed uh... I mean interested in to fly fishing and fly tying, lol.
  6. Ebay is where I got my forgotten flies from, but I only paid $13. Sorry guys just had to rub that deal in, lol.
  7. I tied a clouser with red over mixed light blue and white with pearl flash to simulate a bleeding minnow and it works great. Give that a try. I just made the red belly about twice the length of the top to simulate a blood trail following behind the fly.
  8. I use a danvise and i didn't know they made an extension arm for it. Thanks for pointing this out. I'll have to get me one of those.
  9. Cool, I'll try to attend the next meeting. Thank you for inviting me.
  10. Oh thats real cool. Unfortunatly I live in NC, lol. I'm hoping to get something like that going around here if I can get enough interest. If I can get enough going maybe our groups could swap ideas. Thanks for the info on this.
  11. Awesome picture and AWESOME Fish! Just beautiful.
  12. I have been wondering if there are any fly tiers on here from the central eastern area of NC that would like to all meet up and have a little fly tying/ fishing party?
  13. Hey guys I've been seeing the virtual fly tying meeting posts and was just wondering what they were.
  14. I hadn't even thought of it looking like a jungle cock cape, but now that you mention it it actually does, lol. I find the black butterflies usually have the best colors and patterns. I think it is just the drastic contrast of colors that always balance out somehow. Just goes to show we can create all the beautiful things we want, but can never make anything more beautiful than nature can make it. OK, thats my philosophical moment for a while, thinking like that makes my head hurt, lol.
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