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  1. Hammer Jammer


    Shoulda called me I'd came up & got that for us lol
  2. Guess there is not to much difference between those guys in B.C. and some of my family in Ky. LOL
  3. My Son & I were fishing on Saturday in an area in Ky, that gets infested with Mocassins . I kept a weary eye out for them and thankfully didn't see any this trip lol.. Where do you live Taz ?
  4. Great way to get everone on your site LOL Keep em Comming hehehehe
  5. They make a fastet, med & slowset ,also some thicker gels and the instaset spray Iget it at the hobbie shop as well...for building airplains.. Looking forward to seeing more of your work..
  6. Hello flyangler, Your work is striking and very inspirational
  7. TOO COOL Mark, I'll see if I can get that channel & check it out
  8. Thanks , You Know I will Ican't wait . LOL
  9. just workin on the basics
  10. I got some new materials today and am trying to get a flater wrap, better ballance, & closer matierials Please give feedback Thanks Hammer Jammer :baby: :dunno:
  11. Thanx for the feedback Guys I appreciate it .. Having the right matierials would be Very helpfull gotta go shop for em some time this week hopefully between now and then I will have improved on the tying and the ballance :baby:
  12. Thanks Frank I Will.. I just didn't know if it was a suitable hair LOL
  13. An Unbelievable work of Art Glad you are back and glad I found this site
  14. Ok I know I've gotta LOT to learn Please critque this ..
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