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  1. sent flies out last week... did they arrive?
  2. should be done in the next couple days so send address please... thanks
  3. I use 3 but my favorite is the full ceramic tube. When I use the one I have with a ceramic tip it seems like wire or tinsel tends to get caught behind the tube when initially threading the bobbin. Of course I can avoid all this with a bobbin threader or bending the wire over and passing a loop through but it still bothers me just a little.
  4. Still have room for 1 more? I'll be doing a black comet if there's room.
  5. I think all the Dr. Slicks have similar sized finger holes. I use the 4" for just about everything but the 3.5 and razor rest in my palm with no noticable difference in feel. I have tried others with adjustable finger holes but can never get them just right for my hand like the dr. slicks.
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