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  1. Got ya a good lookin and apparently very birdy dog there. :thumbsup: This Brit was always more sly. And would wait till I was away and only help herself to a single wing, rump or what ever I was careless with. I would give her a hide to have her back. All dogs go to heaven and the lucky dogs get a slice here on earth. Nice flies BTW
  2. The big ones I just could not see myself midging.
  3. Thats a great start!! Thanks fellas. Thats a few bucks spent wisely.
  4. Mid West Trout mostly will be the target species. Have one of the Cabela's floss, rib, wire, and tinsel type assortment kits I think I'll continue to use for now. 1. What I really would like from the many knowledgeable tyers here is a cheat sheet into what they would purchase first in the way of winging materials, favorite hooks, and such that I may over look in getting serious moving past the soft hackles, flymphs, and spiders. 2. Same questions as above but this time change the pattern to feather winged streamers Going to walk in to Feather-Craft here in St. Louis in the next couple of days and spend a little money that I should save. Please help me spend some cash wisely on preparing for starting some winter tying projects. Thanks JJ If a mod could edit title to include "wets/streamers" that would great. If not with current forum mess I would understand completely .
  5. Well thanks for the quick response Mark...lo ;)l Almost did not remember making the post.
  6. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: I would be ecstatic to get those in a swap they look awesome! You should load those into the pattern data base. Well Done
  7. My grandfather didn't fly fish. In fact I think he rarely fished except when my brother and I went, but among my strongest and most fond memories are of hanging with him are digging worms and using his hopper catchers. (poles with window screens) Cherish that investment in your grand children's fond memories. They certainly will.
  8. Nice job Like the hook, what is it? Where could I find some?
  9. Really like the looks of this pattern!! Will give this one a go sometime.
  10. General tips Use Macro setting if you have one Set Auto timer to keep camera steady Good contrasting back ground No flash It generally just causes shadows The good news is that your camera seems to excel at taking close up or Macro shots. Link to your camera and its functions http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/S5100/S51A.HTM Hope this may help
  11. :headbang: Awesome. Really enjoying your ties.
  12. Very nice . I am always a big fan of your flies . I dig starling in soft-hackles !!!
  13. if you want to smooth up the old bobbin tubes super glue a glass beads in the ends of it
  14. If were talking about the color of hooks. I cant get past the Tiemco 102Y for color. They just look cool. Ya know the bad guys wear black thing. lol
  15. Nice tiny tie !! I figured out that I needed magnification. When I was spending more time tying on flies than using them. That led to using the old Flip Focals for my tying at the vise and on the water. Unfortunately this has happened in my 30s Taking photos of my flies also has pointed out things about them that was not clear to me before.
  16. Good bird dogs have soft mouths and don't damage your quarry. However I wound not leave any of my feathers about back when my Brittany was alive because no matter how good she was in the field she could still be bad around a pile of loose feathers. lol lol
  17. Got two here in the Lou. Guess we are lucky. http://www.thargrove.com/ Great shop with a really welcoming and knowledgeable staff and http://www.feather-craft.com/ If they don't got it you don't need it. link seems to not be working ATM but will call'em and see if its not on in the morning. And then there is my favorite tho not really local to me but my home water. http://www.missouritrout.com/weavers/report.html
  18. I also have a Steelcase but mine is truly old school metal every where except the seat and back.
  19. I "try" to tie at least a couple of flies every day.
  20. 102y sz21 14/0 Sheer two pheasant tail fibers peacock herl starling All most as proud of the pictures as the flies lol
  21. Beautiful, I gotta go back a page and look again. Last year, season, years ? For me it would be at least decades. Thanks for sharing.
  22. SHOW IN ST. JOE ? :dunno: :ripped: :crying:
  23. You can catch anything on a woolly bugger.
  24. gift certificate to Feather-Craft and saw buck towards a new rod build. And a nice bottle of Patro'n . And my favorites were the smiles I got for giving.
  25. I recently noticed in the new feather craft Xmas catalog. That new travelers only come with a one year warrenty.
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