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  1. Thanks for the kind words, I sat and tied a few more Muddlers and it turns out the first one was the best one. :wallbash: Beginners luck I guess! Heres a pic of the second one.
  2. Heres my first Muddler Minnow , I had to use three little bundles of deer hair to have enough for the head, is that okay? or should I try to do it with one bundle?Also, I couldn't get my turkey feathers to stay together for the wings, but they're like 20 years old!
  3. Heres a few more that I've been working on. How are they lookin'?
  4. After my first try failed, I tried again and came up with this.
  5. Timenet, thanks for the list. Hairstacker you're right about being shocked! :bugeyes: and Iconnu thanks for the advise. I just got back from grabbing a few odds and ends $100+ later heres what i got. They were out of a bunch of stuff, so I'll have to make due with what I got for now. Between Dad's old stuff, and my new stuff, I should be able to stay busy for a while. Thanks again.
  6. I don't have alot of hooks or materials in Dad's old kit and I have to make trip for some new supplies. I'm just wondering if there are some basic hook sizes & styles that every newb should have. Same with materials, is there some basics that i should have. Target species are; great lakes steelhead, brook trout, smallies, pike and maybe even some walleyes. The choices are a little overwhelming and I don't really know where to start, the stuff is expensive too. I've mainly been tying streamers and nymphs. Heres a pic of a wiggler i did yesterday.
  7. Big Mac


    Been tying like crazy since I found this site, and I figured out how to post pics too. I also just thought I'd share a little story with everyone. Last summer I decided to take my flyrod to my favorite bass lake here in NW Ontario. I was a little unsure about bassin' on the fly but thought what the heck. I tied on an olive wooly bugger and started fishing. nothing was happening and I decided to try a mickey finn. (my girlfriend was catching fish with a yellow and red jig) On my first cast I got a 16 inch smallie! A few more casts after that bang, an 18 incher! After that we caught lots between 15-18 inches and had great day fishing. Now all I can think about is getting back there for some more. Heres a couple pics of the smallies that got me hooked. (interesting note on the second fish, it spit up a Garder snake that was about 18" long!!!) My first flyrod Smallie My second, you can see the Mickey Finn in the corner of its mouth
  8. Welcome. I just loined too and love this site! I'm a fellow Ontarian. I'm in NW Ontario, and theres some fly fishers here but not to many that I know. What part of Ont. are you in? Anywho, have fun and good luck with your photo biz and of course good fishing!
  9. Thanks. Obsession, no kidding! been playing all day! Heres a couple more pics. Joe Hard, thanks for the tip on the tinsel :headbang: Dragonfly nymphs #1 #2 #3
  10. Thanks for the replies. I took me a few attempts to get it right, but once I relaxed it was like riding a bike. I've been hooked on this stuff all day.(laid off) I made a few more buggers and worms today plus a few dragonfly nymphs. I'll post a couple pics of those later. I was just wondering what was the most durable way of wrapping the tinsel to hold in the hackle in place.
  11. I say first cause I only tied maybe 2 dozen or so flies about 10-15 years ago. I've still got lots to learn. These two took me a while to do, but I was very happy with them. What do you think? Not sure if i wrapped the tinsel the right way, should it go counter-clockwise?
  12. Big Mac


    This is my first post and want to say hi to everyone. I really got hooked on fly fishing last summer after a couple trips for smallmouth bass. Caught lots of 15- 18 inchers. It was a blast! Before those trips I'd never really gotten serious about fly fishing. I just found this site and it got me pumped to pull out Dad's old fly tying stuff! He showed me how to tie a few nymphs years ago. So I pulled it all out, took a trip to the tackle store, and got to it. I tied up a wooly bugger and a wooly worm, i'm pretty happy with them. I'll have to figure out how to post pics and I'll post em in the beginners fourm.Bye for now. :headbang:
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