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  1. Good luck to you Stay Strong and be Safe!!! p.s. pm sent Josh
  2. Everyone should see this thanks for posting this Bud it really makes you think things over!! Josh
  3. What a cool fly and great hook shape! Beautiful as always!!! Josh
  4. http://www.ronnlucassr.com/docs/Dying%20Feathers%20101.pdf This should help its on ronns site! Josh
  5. Very Festive and beautiful as always!!! Josh
  6. Mark, I write for fly tyer mag. and I use a Sony cybershot 7.1 mega pixel on macro and what I have learned is to make a background disappear like I use black a lot. I buy one of those science fair bi-fold poster board and set it 6 feet away from the vise. this helps the camera focus in on the fly. my camera has a multi focus thing where you can pick the size to focus on. This has worked for shots I do in the mag. Hope this helps!! Josh
  7. hey what a fly my friend! how did you get such nice golden phesant crests? Josh :headbang:
  8. Wow what a fly! I love the hook it ties it all together! Josh
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