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  1. :wallbash: :wallbash: :wallbash: I can't beleive that I over looked this post until now :wallbash: Is there a chance that there may be a gallery of the submitted flies for our viewing pleasure?
  2. Got mine today, now I just have to wait till the crappie stop biting so I can get after the bream Thanks everyone, specially the swapmiester :yahoo:
  3. Got mine today. Thanks to all for letting me join. Great looking shrimp Everyone. Thanks for hosting Fred and thanks again for the horse hair. Sammy
  4. That is how I started Here are two that I tied and three that some guys on another forum tied in our first crappie swap
  5. Wish I had read this earlier before I sent you my swap flies. I could of sent you some nice small jigs and/or material that I have been using for crappie. Pink/yellow chartreuse or green chartreuse seems to be big this year. It is called "electric chicken". I use yellow or green maribou with pink kiptail up front. By the way, Fred, you got a PM
  6. I would like to see some flies with this new wonder of the world material. Where should I look?
  7. Cotton's Disco will arrive in 3-4 days. Or so USPS says.
  8. :hyst: :hyst: :hyst: :hyst:
  9. Hi, SHE, the index finger damage is from bending hookshanks for cranky cripples. I use the middle finger for the trigger. That finger protector is an amazing invention.. I take it that it is your own invention.. maybe we should go into business together- watch out all you flytying suppliers.Should we call the business RoySHE or SHEroy - the latter has some strange implications. Watch out JS here come da competition Chase, thanks for the cheque, yup red is good, doubles the price though, all that extra labour, poor kids in the far east, but they gotta make a living somehow to keep them in diapers. I gotta get into this business veture too. I have this machine that makes some very interesting dubbing at times. Will sell for $50 per quart sized ziplock bag. :clapping: Limited quantities Hurry while supplies last
  10. I just recieved some nice pheasant feathers from a friend. I ave heard that you can put them in the freezer for a week or two to kill the lil bugs that might do harm to them. Will this work, and is it the best way?
  11. Thanks for the kind words. I see how it works, you butter me up and then "probe" me for my secrets
  12. :crazy: Its amazing that you can turn into such a DETAIL oriented person tying flies. A millimeter to short, not enough legs, that eye isnt the same as this one, etc. :wallbash: I just have to keep telling myself that nothing in nature is exactly the same. Makes me feel better. Oh well to late to turn back now. Almost finished the end is in sight :cheers: Main thing is I feel each one will fish well Hope to have them in the mail next week. Unless the fish keep bitting like today
  13. Well I hope mine are not disappointing. Thanks for letting me play. Wax worms have gone postal. BB, I slipped something special in there for ya to try out.
  14. When I stack deer hair it seems the hair is holding onto itself and won't get even at the tips no matter how hard I "tap". Whats the deal?
  15. Thanks guys It will be fishable but I wanted to go as realistic as possble Its on a size 14 What about using peacock herl? Would it be durable enough with the fibers stripped?
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