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  1. Hmm i have some of these tied up grasshoppers, marabo streamers, ants, clousers but theres a few here i havent seen or even heard of i cant seem to find them in the fly pattern database. Is there a spot i could find these or a pic so i can see what they look like and with the patterns? also wondering what are some of peoples go to flies. so i could tie some up especially with all this SNOW !!! that just got here again and trout season just a few weeks away hre in Ne PA..
  2. Was wondering what flies every person should have in the fly box? here is a few that i have and variations. what should i add? Wooly buggers Wooly worms Caddis Emergers Stoneflys Pheasant Tail Nymph Adams
  3. the only thing that is in archery at cabela is this Powder for 6.99 and bass pro has this Powder for 5.99 which is only 1/4 oz where still does not equate to the 1 quart at 4 bucks. and i cant see using any paste type on CDC I guess ill try it out and test it. Thanks
  4. I know many people use frog's fanny as a floatant on CDC and other types of material. and at 4.99 an oz gets kind of expensive. has anyone tried using this fumed silica from http://www.epoxyproducts.com/f_mixin.html it seems to be much cheaper i have read on a different website http://outdoorsbest.zeroforum.com/zerothre...;postid=4141741 that this product works well and at $4.00 plus 2.75 shipping you get 1 Quart. so has anyone tried this product and the results of using it or is there a better product out there? thanks
  5. I was in a tying class and i cant remember the type of spray they used to put on turkey feathers. it made them easier to use when tying the wing case on hares ear nymph. will someone point me in the right direction.
  6. Thanks I do see what you mean about the body.
  7. This was my first Adams From the week 3 class I know that my wings are extra long, and probably could be more upright. So any opinions on what else i could improve on?
  8. Hi everyone, I am New to the site and getting back into fly tying. I tied a few clousers and deceivers a few years ago in FL, But now i moved back to PA and signed up for lessons to refresh my basic training i learned when i was in HS over 20 years ago. Hope to get some great advice and learn a trick or 2. I am into spin fishing, Ice fishing, fly fishing heck if its some kind of fishing count me in. also hunt, big game and small. well anything outdoors im there. But one thing i know there is no greater satisfaction then tying your own fly, then creeping out into a Flat , Pond, Lake, Stream with that creation and soon hearing that line scream off your reel. the only thing that could be better is when that same fish is landed...
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