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  1. I'm not sure of the differnce in freshwater and the saltwater stripers never had the chance to fish for a freshwater one. I'll fish for blues, fluke, false albacore, and weakfish. Do you eat blues? We have caught some real big'uns... I like the small blues, especialy when fried in beer batter, my wife loves blue fish so when i do get a few I have to bring one home or my name is mud
  2. I'm not sure of the differnce in freshwater and the saltwater stripers never had the chance to fish for a freshwater one. I'll fish for blues, fluke, false albacore, and weakfish.
  3. Well I finished getting the boat back in shape for this season yesterday morning. Decide to take her out for a run and see if I could find a striper or two, No luck . I’m going to give it a few more shot at night this week the water temp is up in the mid 50’s should be just a matter of time before they show up.
  4. JWM72

    Top Water Flies

    Thanks for the complements, now I’m going to start tying up some grass shrimp. Jim
  5. JWM72

    Top Water Flies

    I forgot about that with the circle hook. With that said it should work good with blue fish when they get aggressive. I threw it in the kitchen sink. I was surprised how well it moved. I can’t wait to get back on the water I’m putting the boat back in on march 17 the water temps in the river and bay are still relatively warm for this time of year hopefully the spring run will be early.
  6. JWM72

    Top Water Flies

    Here are a couple of old stand byes the last one got a 1/0 circle tied on a waddington shank. I just hope I don’t end up wearing as an earring when I cast it for the first time.
  7. JWM72

    Crab fly

    Thanks for the replies. I think I'm going to stick with the old standby patterns for now. The few I did tie up just didnt seem to turn out so good
  8. One quick question how do you like the Lamson reel? i was looking to up grade a reel for my 10 wt.
  9. I personally like a reel that is open on both sides not only for the reduction in overall weight but also for the increased exposure to air to help dry out the backing and line after use. For the last 2 seasons I have been using a Cabelas LSR for salt water. It has a fairly open frame and after each trip I hose it down with fresh water and it seems to dry out rather quickly. Also the sealed drag makes maintaining the reel a breeze. I did just get done wrapping an 8 wt. TFO axiom 4 piece to use for both salt and my annual salmon trip to NY. Mostly want something compact for travel and a rod I could store in the console of the boat. The few practice casts I threw with it seemed really no different than all the 2 piece rod I have. Hope this helps.
  10. JWM72

    Crab fly

    I've been trying to come up with a fly that I could use to mimic a green crab and use some Tuffleye Flex to give it a hard shell appearance. So far I have tried spinning EP fibers in a dubbing loop this gives me a nice body but I’m not happy with using rubber legs for the legs. Anyone have any other ideas on what other material to use?
  11. JWM72

    Squid fly

    Thanks for the complements guys here is the step by step Mount a length of 50lb mono in the vise and melt the end to prevent the thread from slipping off. Start your thread and wrap back a ¼ to ½” Tie in some pearl estaz and make 2 to 3 wraps and tie off. Prepare 6 to 8 hackle feathers by applying spots with a black marker. Tie in the hackle evenly around the mono so the lump of estaz spreads the feathers Put a few half hitches around the butt ends of the feathers and coat with glue Mount a 4/0 hook in the vise and tie in the mono tail section. Coat the wraps with some glue Tie in some pearl estaz and make a few wraps back over the mono then wrap toward the eye of the hook and tie off. Glue eyes on the exposed portion of mono and thread wraps that secured the hackle butts. On the top of the hook tie in a sparse clump of white SF blend and distribute around hook shank Fold back remaining SF toward the back of the fly and distribute around hook. Invert hook and repeat the last two steps Wrap a small head and whip finish
  12. JWM72

    Squid fly

    Thanks it did go together rather quick I think the next few I tie I’ll make up several tail sections first. Once they are tied up it like tying a big wooly bugger. I attached the eyes using some superglue directly behind the bend of the hook where the mono meets the tie in point. Once I tie in the estaz I’ll wrap it back on the mono a wrap or two to give the glue something to adhere too.
  13. JWM72

    Vise info

    Thanks for the replies and info. I think I’m going to try to upgrade my traveler with a new base and matching riser from Peak. I think this should get me a slightly taller and stable platform until I decide on my next vise
  14. JWM72

    Squid fly

    Here is the latest squid fly I have been experimenting with. Mustad 4/0 3407 Some white hackles tied on 50lb mono, estaz mantle with the a veil of white SF blend. I’m hoping it will get me a striper or two this season.
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