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  1. I am having a issue getting the hair out of my hair stacker. I tap it and when I go to remove the hair it does not come out with the brass center. What am I doing wrong? Any help or tips would be great. Thanks, AP
  2. Mike Thanks for the info I will have to check out the sites. Outer Banks Fly Fishing will be at the fishing show I am going to this weekend. I hope to get some great info. Thanks, AP
  3. This summer I will be spending a week in athe outerbanks. I have never fished down there I will be surf fishing. I am also looking for other locatins to go to down there. I think I will be staying in Duck. Also what flies work? Thanks, AP
  4. When in Jan is it? I need to get off. AP
  5. letumgo, Thats look a lot like the one Cabelas is selling. Thanks fot getting back to me. AP
  6. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It been a while since I have posted but now that fall has hit Nj I hope to get out fishing more and tying. I need help with tying. I am looking to get a new tying table but Im not sure if I should go for a full table Cabela's -- Fly-Tying Work Center or just a table top work station. Cabela's -- Oasis Fly Factory Tying Desk Thanks, AP
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