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  1. want to make your own mono lwaders go to www.hookhack.com for forula and mono sizes..I use these formulas and they are good.I will now also try these other suggestions sent to you.Great question thanks to youand all. Dennis
  2. I have obtained a magic tool made by Mark Petitjean. The magic tool itself is not to bad to work with.The problem is getting ahold of the proper cdc and pardo to make it work like he uses on the dvd he makes. My point is after shopping around a lot to save someone else a lot of time talk to the guys at feathercraft or badger creek to get the rite stuff to make the tool work for you the regular run of the mill cdc off the shelf does not work because it is too sparse and too short for the tools. I hope this little ditty helps someone. Dennis
  3. Howdy all. This is my second try at posting something.Dont know where the first one went.Well thats not unusual dealing with the magic of the puter. Name here is Dennis. I found this site surfin the internet. My lucky day. Thought I was the only retarded (ooops retired) guy around lookin for fly fishin buddies. Thanks to the creator of this web site I hope to spend many happy hours here I notice some members have more than one loaf to the right of their name what does that mean? Thanks Dennis
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