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  1. I'm always losing bobin threaders. When I give in an realize that the latest one isn't going to be found I'll be buying my fourth in just over a year...LOL. Tony
  2. Pujic, How much does that liquid lace run yah? Looks like some pretty neat stuff. Tony
  3. I like angora better. Has the fuzzy breathable quality. Supposedley it gets stuck in the fishes teeth too. Its usually 1.99 or cheaper for the smaller packages. I have to think there is enough material to tie several dozen (maybe 5??) flies per package. For me thats cheap enough. Although maybe I get so many flies out of a package cause I like to tie them sparse. If you go with angora make sure you seperate the yarn (untwist into 3 smaller diameter pieces) before tying size 12 and smaller. Tony
  4. Thanks guys. This was central NY fishing. Wild finger lake run fish. The banks were frozen with some water on top of the ice. Made a perfect platform to stand on. To land the fish I'd just slip them up on. That bigest one at the bottom put a crazy fight. Kept trying to swim under the ice...made for an exciting battle. Several times I thought he was going to saw me off on the ice. Thanks for the awesome deal on the rod Carl. Tony
  5. I've Finally got to put your rod to some good use. Got some very colorful rainbows last night..... Not sure if you sell rods to the public or not Carl....but you should consider it. Your detail is amazing. That rod is a work of art in my eyes. (note this plug was unsolicited...LOL) Tony
  6. Thanks for the advise Chris....your the man.... Tony
  7. Hey Guys, found out today that I've secured a rod dryer from my Dad's friend, but I won't be able to pick it up till this weekend. I want to "pen" something on the blank. Probably my name, rod length and weight, etc. My question is what do you use for a marker? Do those "milky" sharpies work? I was thinking about picking one up in silver. Any other marker suggestions? Also I just planing on finishing the wraps. If I "pen" something on the blank I think it'd look funny to finish just that section of the blank. Will a sharpie stay permanent on a blank without some kind of finish over top? Thanks for any suggestions guys. Will be posting some finished pics soon. Tony
  8. Thanks for the tips guys! Darrin, I'd be interested in the those plans you could PM them to me on this site if thats alright with you. Chris, I just sent away for some of the flex coat lite that you suggested. I might even be able to get my hands on a rod dryer (might be able to borow a friend of friends). I'll definitley post some pics when I'm done. Tony
  9. I'm almost done wrapping my guides on my first rod building project so I'll probably try and expoxy them this weekend. Was wondering if any of you guys had any tips for my first try at this. I have some old carbon arrows so I'm probably tie a few wraps on them and practice putting finish on those first. I don't have a rod dryer, is it really necessary to have one to get decent results? I plan on using the carboard box method and just keep rotating it around by hand. Anyone know of a cheap rod dryer? Thanks for any tips guys. Tony
  10. I'm on a temporary rotation with my company. Just got done spending 4 months in the Olean, NY area. Now I'm in the Corning, NY area for another 3 months. Tony
  11. Sweet Fly and step by step.....One question for you, where do you get the plastic at? Tony
  12. Another good material for this is "puffy" paint. They make glow in the dark colors as well as a bunch of others. You can apply it pretty think and get some pretty neat affects. Not sure what the brand name is....it comes in little squeezable plastic bottles. I the technical name of the stuff is called fabric paint. I get the stuff in Wal-marts fabric section. Tony
  13. Chris, The rod turned out beautiful. Master workmanship. This might be an inappropriate question, but how much does a rod like that retail for? If you don't feel comfortable sharing that publically I understand. Tony
  14. My Dad works at the Tionesta PA hatchery where 95% of the PA steelies are raised. They have tons of wolly bears this time of year. I've thrown them in the raceways and they'll hit them, but immediatley spit them. Guess they don't taste good.
  15. You should write a book! You pretty much would already have it done if you just copy and pasted all those posts together. Tony
  16. Check out the Diachi X-points. The x510 is very sharp and very strong. If you tying size 8 and down I can't see there being a better salmon hook. They are a bit pricey though, but you'll get what you pay for in these hooks. Tony
  17. Dumbest thing I've done wasn't at the bench, but getting ready to start fishing. I was in college and my Dad had packed up my rod for me the weekend before. He used a couple plastic "zip" ties to hold it together. So me and a buddy drove about an hour to get to the stream before classes one day (didn't have class till the afternoon). I got my rod out and put my pocket knife into the plastic zip tie to break it off. In one swipe I cut through the tie and into my finger. It cut my index finger from the side and even cut part way into the back of my finger nail. A guy in the parking lot saw the whole episode and was nice enough to give me his first aid kit. I wrapped up my finger and went fishing (feeling bad that buddy just drove 1hr and we hadn't done any fishing yet). Seven steelies later it was time to go. I called my mom (who is also a nurse) and she said well just wait till after class then come home and meet me at the hospital. About 12 hrs after the cut happened I made it to the hospital. The doctor touched the flap of skin with a piece of plastic and I couldnt feel a thing. 5 stiches and a couple weeks later my finger was heeled, but I never have got feeling back on the side of my finger. It was O' so worth a great day of fishing though! And I still have a scar to remember that day by! LOL. Tony P.S. Always cut away from apendages, not towards.
  18. Thanks for all the help everyone. I'll will try some of those suggestions tonight. I'll try and post a pic if all works out well....or for that matter if it doesnt work out well...LOL. Tony
  19. I'll have to try stripping the hackle off the one side. I thought I read/saw that somewhere. I don't think the hackle is too stiff. Its pretty soft and webby. Tony
  20. I am trying to copy some speys that were given to me. I think one is called a bottle brush? or maybe a pipe brush? Regardless, they have a marabou tail, chenille body, and then hackle tied in at the head. The hackle flows back smoothly. When I tye them the only way I've been able to get the hackle to flow back the way I want it to is bye tying it down. This creates a big ball of thread at the head. I should also add that I am tying in the hack by the base and curvature going back (similiar to a bugger). I'll try and post a picture tonight of what I want to do..lol. Maybe some of that made sense without the picture. Thanks for any suggestions. Tony
  21. How bout using a 2 x 4 with a dozen small holes drilled in it. Then take a dozen spent .22 cal shells and glue them in place. Makes a great hair stacker when tying up small dries (i.e. EHC). All you need to do is put the hair in, give it a couple of whacks on the table and your ready to tie. I like the idea of the biot tree. I always have them going all over the place.
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