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  1. I was having a blast experimenting tying a beadhead nymph last night. I used a #10 wet fly hook and various body materials - including dubing material donated by my little gray cat they look real buggy. Question: is this (a #10 wet fly hook) too big? What size hook should a generic nymph be tied upon? Remember - Please be patient with me as I've just picked this back up after many years. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. They were really quick to tie. I had to put the bead on the pointy end, since the hole wasn't large enough to go over the eye. I tied everything from tail to nose and secured the bead with head cement after completing the head. I'm planning to try one at daybreak on the 'Hooch - Settles Bridge.
  2. I'm with BoubouBomber. I just utilize a 6" length of 10 or 12 pound test monofilament - tie a loop in one end and shove it wrong way through the bobbin. Its stiff enough to suit and makes easy work of inserting the small thread into the loop and pull... When I lose my fancy bobbin threader I just take a second to make another one. They're as disposable as toothpicks and won't damage ceramics. - never tried sucking the thread.... you guys are industrious, if nothing else
  3. Thanks guys and Airhead - mental note made (Chatooga near the Hatchery)
  4. Whats "Raffia" - could I use a goose feather in its place, fold under the black foam as described in http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?act...w&s=&showid=395 goose would be a little darker (gray) than brown, but may suffice. BTW - I'm very interested in the terrestrials
  5. Glad to be aboard. Just returning to the Fly fishing and Tying after about 20 years. It'll all come back... right? Promise you'll be kind with word as I ask the most odd questions sometimes. Local haunt, lately has been the Settles Bridge portion of the Chattahoochee River. With more experience I'll try the streams in the N.GA mountains. Pondering Piscatorial Pursuits, Jerry Adams
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