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  1. Hey Thresher, if you don't mind sharing, how'd you take those shots of the brookies in the water? EXIF info?
  2. This is the skyraider, correct?
  3. You're right. They were flying with some skyraiders and I mixed them up.
  4. I went to the airshow in Ypsilanti. Michigan last week and set up shop. Here's are some of the better ones. Blue Angels...F18s Blue Angels Blue Angels in a break F16 Viperrrr F16 Heritage Flight. F16 and P-51D Mustang F4 Phantom Blue Angel's C-130 hercules Another Herc Skyraider Lancaster Bomber MIG in takeoff
  5. Ok thanks guys. I also have one more noob question. What filters do you guys use when taking extended exposure pictures (like 1-10 seconds) in daylight without it getting blown out?
  6. So it's as easy as setting it to spot metering and tinkering with the other adjustments??? Wow...I feel stupid
  7. Ok i'll try that out and post it up some experiment HDRs tomorrow...i need to figure this out lol.
  8. Hey guys, I have a question for ya. What's the trick to taking backlit shots like this one? or this: I come semi-close but, to me, it doesnt cut it. What do you guys do? Thanks
  9. Ok. I use that too but I can't get my HDR's anywhere near as good as some as I have seen. Ive tried 3- and 5- bracketed shots too. Is there any trick to using Photomatix?
  10. Thresher, great shots. What program do you use to do your HDRs?
  11. wow great shots jay! What lens? Is that a tiger trout?
  12. Nice muskie! The D90 is a great camera. I love mine!
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