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  1. Let's hope she'll be alright.. After a bad period of time in life always provides a better time ahead, not sure how to say that, but I know you got my point.. Best wishes -Juho-
  2. Thanks! That wing is Peacocks wingfeather.. Bought it from HelsinkiSpeyclave.. Good stuff, although the other feather's fibers are a bit more bended than the othersides feather's fibers.. I used a hosting site, Still can't find that attachment button from this new forum version.. Use Tinypic now for the moment.. Go to Tinypic and choose the image that should be uploaded and press "Upload".. Then after that, copy the url under the title "IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards", and paste it to the reply you are writing.. Hope you got that solved.. -Juho-
  3. Hello again! Tied this about a month ago, it was supposed to be a tidy one, but didn't go the way I wanted.. I tied this for FTOTY, but I got a better idea now, and this is a crude one, so.. All the best -Juho-
  4. Darn, should have checked that link.. It'll probably take you to Taoft-website.. It's not mine, but I am a member, yes.. actually by the title "Forum Addict".. Stupid of me to even try to link the image that way, should have at least tested it properly at first.. Taoft's homepage in english --> The Art of Fly Tying And the photo hopefully show's up belowe this.. Thanks Mark! -Juho-
  5. Ahoy fellows! It've been too long since I have really tied a proper fly, awhat can be called as a fly.. Seem's it's staying that way, which makes me angry.. I really tried to tie a Ranger, but think I'm a "bit" rusty.. heh I know only one cure for that, It's called practising.. Don't have near the materials that I should have to tie this pattern properily but that's the way it usually is.. (Yep, not even JC ) Tried to dissort the colours straight edges by mixing the silks and brushing heavily.. It doesn't show up like it should in the picture, but that's usual for me.. There was a bodyhackle but I think I brushed a bit too heavily afterwards, and you can guess the rest of it.. ..so that's why there's red schlappen in the throat.. But in the end, it was super nice to tie after a longish break.. Photo-Durham-Ranger (Didn't find that attachment menu from this temporary forum's buttons..) All the best -Juho-
  6. Another pic from that fly.. I think it look's too "worked"..? -Juho- EDIT: Darn, there is a mistake.. In pic the fly is #2, and in reality it's #1..
  7. Thanks, Dave, for your kind words! -Juho-
  8. :yahoo: You got me, you got me gooood.... -Juho-
  9. If you do that, you'll better watch your back...! :boxing: ..i wonder which would be the nearest mob.. :gun_bandana: :cry: :shifty: ...Juho...
  10. Holy Cow Matt!!! That's just simply amazing! That ribbing must'v been quite a battle.. Looks excellent! Darn, you wanted critique..? Omh, that's so hard to give... But there is ONE thing that i would do different! I'w would tied the orange crest after the yellow ones.. :hyst: Could maybe remind more fire than now.. was that the point? Unbeliveable job, Matt! Keep it going! -Juho-
  11. Hey everyone and thank ya! Zach: The main thing doing heads is, when tying a wing-material in --> always on the top of the previous ones.. So when you have put like 10 different materials in the wing, it'l still be as tiny as normal, but just higher.. Then yous just have to cut the garbage off the head by using heated needle.. Then just more lack and lack.. Eeeasy.. A tip: A material will hold tightly on the hook with three 8/0 UNI-Thread loops, just remember to keep the line tight.. -Juho-
  12. Hey again! Something bigger for next season.. That head does not please me.. ..but it'll do.. This is not an artistic one, i just "did" the tag and the body.. Otherwise i'w pay'd more attention to them.. But the fish won't get it..do they? What do you think? -Juho-
  13. I'm a 4-H "tying-teacher" too.. I teach our town's kids to tie flys every Tuesday at six o'clock. There just haven't been too many tiers, but I know that the group will grow.. I'w teached dryfly tying, salmonfly tying etc.. Hope to get teaching flycasting on the spring season, becouse the kids asked to. -Juho-
  14. Thank ya, Davie! I had and I hope they (salmon) can't refuse.. I'm going to do my best anyhow.. ..soo.. ..only one word.. HYSH! :shifty: -Juho-
  15. Oh, that's a shame.. But u do have some other species out there, don't ya? In my homeriver Olkijoki we have (had?) much graylings, but there was a havoc in Olkijoki and all the brooktrouts died in the low-pH water.. so did the graylings too, but i hope there will be another group of them to come back next spring.. But sadly I am sure that the large brooktrout-group won't never be replaced.. (They were a nontravelling group, that rivers originalpopulation..) By SpeyClave I ment the shop in Helsinkin.. http://www.helsinkispeyclave.com/shop/index.php?language=en And Mistpool http://mistpool.com/ -Juho- EDIT: I checked those shops and they didn't have those hooks.. I saw some of those in Perhokolmio. http://www.perhokolmio.com/tackleshop/?pag...bfd47de07153c9d
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