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  1. Good stuff, Fred! Keep 'em coming!
  2. Very nice! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Very, very good photos!
  4. BandMan


    One fly with one material. Very inventive. I like it a lot. That would probably work well for some really picky trout on at least a couple streams that I fish. Thanks for posting.
  5. Very cool! Nice easy fly that gets the point across. Kudos.
  6. For what kinds of patterns would someone use these hooks?
  7. Thanks, Frogfish. That really explains why there was that much contrast in the pic. I had never seen anything like it before this - If I have, I didn't notice it like I did here. I'm going to have to try it sometime.
  8. That photo is amazing! I used to be in to photography a lot a few years ago. I am beginning to regain interest. I've never heard of HDR. Can someone give a nutshell explanation?
  9. BandMan

    July 4th Pictures

    Very nice. The pics came out great. The colors on the first fish were absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations on a good trip!
  10. AWESOME, Jay! Very sharp and well composed.
  11. Very nice, Fred! Is that one you would fish with, or is it for show? Either way, you did a great job on it!
  12. I'll bet that thing will push some serious water! Love the idea with the pins for eyes. May have to try something like that in the future.
  13. Very nice idea. Thanks for posting!
  14. Good stuff, man! Love the perspective.
  15. That's kind of what I was thinking, Steeldrifter. If you need the book and DVD, then it may make it a little better, but you probably don't need them. The materials are something you likely already have plenty of and could take some of it to work. I think I would just buy the vise and some tools and leave the rest of the stuff. That's just my opinion. . . I could be wrong.
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