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  1. Does anyone have a link to tying instructions for these? Thanks
  2. Woops sorry it's up today. Thanks.
  3. Yeah I know that but I have tried two times now. The first time was well over a week ago the second was just a couple days ago.
  4. Hey mods I have tried two times now to post two pairs of my fishing glasses on the trading floor and they haven't been posted eihter time now. Just wondering if I did something wrong or what was up?
  5. Damn. Remind me not to piss you guys off.
  6. Yeah that is a good idea. I'm really close to a couple of craft stores. Your flies inspired me to tie up some and go to this lake over by the hospital. Long story short I caught about 4 bluegill in an hour. Thanks.
  7. what kind of foam is that?
  8. Hey Fred can you get some more closeups of your tool I really like it alot. Also if you don't mind maybe you could tell us what materials you used for it. Thanks
  9. Hey fred how about a step by step or materials list on that one. That looks really good to me.
  10. Sage Xi2 are very nice I have all of them 6-9wts. I love them. They really have alot of lifting power and the punch to put a big fly into the wind. Oh yeah and the scotts aren't bad either.
  11. Hey dafack check out customsaltwaterflies.com they are by dan johnson. They are excellent quality and may also give you some pattern ideas to mess with. As far as the SA line that should do you for now I think.
  12. Congrats on your new addiction. You've done it now. Yeah wait till you hook a red on your 8wt. you s&% yourself.
  13. When is payment due on these? Then I'll know if I'm going to get some.
  14. Hey bowfin I 100% agree. I have had tremendous luck with gold epoxy spoon flies. Not only do they catch reds but almost everything else too.
  15. Maybe you could shorten up the leg hackles a little bit. But other than that it looks good to me.
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