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  1. I pretty much just use wool in place of deer hair when tying any streamer that calls for deer hair. The only thing that I do differently is that I will usually add gills to the sides of the streamer. One suggestion would be to tye a muddler minnow and instead of using deer hair for the head just use some wool.
  2. I use crow feathers for wings on crickets.
  3. Yes that will catch fish. I probably caught half of my trout that i caught this year on the green weenie, it is now one of my favorite flies. I have also caught tons of warmwater fish on it to.
  4. I don't see why they wouldn't work I have caught more bass than I can count on flies that resemble those.
  5. Ok thank you, at first I thought that it was a grizzly hen hackle but wasn't sure.
  6. Those flies are great, but what did you use for the hackle on the soft hackle?
  7. I like to use the skip morris panfish fly, I have a secret color but I'm telling.
  8. bwo3


    Here is an idea but I don't know how it will turn out, try to epoxy a small piece of balsa wood or cork to the tip of the old bodkin and then glue a needle right into the wood.
  9. bwo3


    I had a ceramic bobbin where half of the top cracked off and I just got a glass bead glued it to the tip of the boobin and now it works fine.
  10. I have tied them as small as a 28 and as big as about a 10 2xl.
  11. I have the Ian Moutter book and it is a great book I highly reccomend it I would imagine it would help you learn the hackle stacking method, but I'm not sure how to do it using cdc but I would like to find out so could you post your results of the flies?
  12. Well for some odd reason everything on flyanglersonline.com has the same adress so I couldn't just copy and paste it but if you go to the fly of the week and then go to previous flies the name of this fly is the Silver Lake EB Mayfly, so just edit find on this page and type in silver lake and there it is.
  13. I use the needle method found on flyanglersonline.com and it is great the only thing that I do different is that I use embroidery yarn instead of dubbing.
  14. Try a bead belly emerald shiner but vary the colors to match the shad in your area. Or maybe a Enrico Puglisi pattern.
  15. There may be something wrong because I can't see anything.
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