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  1. Thank you everyone Jereme, the pattern comes from my imagination I'm tying original flies which are not in catalogues.
  2. What do you think about adding here flies with description - I mean for what fish are they good and on what rivers do you use them? I will start... I catch trouts and graylings on it. I use that fly on Polish rivers like that one: It's San river - not too fast, not very slow
  3. I have tied these flies but in Poland ( where I live ) we don't use such flies so ( it may sound strange ) I have no idea for what fish they can be good. Do you have any propositions? Have you ever used something like that?
  4. I have add my pattern to a Realistic Forum as Fly Tier Guy proposed Hope you will understand my description And I have found a photo of insect I wanted my fly to be. It's here:
  5. Hydropsychidae Caddisfly Larva Hook: 8-10 Head - black thread Legs - gold pheasant tail Step by step: 1. Wind a lead on hook 2. Green thread on it ( underbody ) 3. Then an animal skin ( Specially prepared before tie. The preparation of the body material is the most difficult, time consuming and important process which gives the final result you can see ) - white hair are the opposite side of the skin Thorax : is painted on brown Hope it helps and you will understand my description
  6. Hello everyone I have found a lovely photos of different insects on http://www.troutnut.com . There are photos of: Baetidae Ephemerellidae Baetis Isonychia Hexagenia limbata Heptageniidae Hydropsychidae Ephemerella Brachycentridae Ephemera Here is one of them
  7. dsaavedra, I use feathers of gold pheasant. Fly Tier Guy, for now I have a pattern only in my head Do you think it can be a good fly for your rivers? Is it a proper colour?
  8. I have been tying for about 25 years. I'm happy you like them .
  9. Hello everyone! I'm a flytier from Poland. I'm interested in what other fishermens think about my flies. Here you have 3 photos of one of them: Thanks for any opinions and suggestions. Andrzej
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