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  1. I use the cutters and turning tools from Steve Winters for all my foam poppers. They have worked great for me for several years now. Here's his site. http://emerald.jvlnet.com/~swinters/
  2. Thanks Smalliehunter, thought I had done something wrong. I knew it look kind of funny for me to have a personal message from the classic fly tying and I never visit there..
  3. My PM option seems to be gone..... No PM tab when I log-in. Tried sending PM to another member and this is what I get (The error returned was: You are not allowed to use the messenger feature on this board) What's gone wrong....... Got an e-mail saying I had a PM, logged on to find this. Have I been hacked or something???? Thanks for any help. :wallbash: NCBluegill
  4. A nice looking box of flies landed in my mailbox last week. Can't wait for those warmer temps.
  5. Keep any of my extras also BB. You do a wonderful job hosting for sure. :headbang:
  6. You can also check out Kent's web site for a better step by step of his spider along with several other of his patterns. http://www.flyfishga.com click on the fly box.
  7. First time posting a step by step. Best pic I could get with the camera I used. Wouldn't focus up close. Time to update the camera for sure..
  8. Step by Step posted today. Flies going out this week. Work has had me out of town alot the last couple of weeks. http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=41210
  9. Materials list for my version of Kent Edmonds Tokyo Spider. Hook Mustad 94840 size 8 Thread Fly-master plus Body 2mm craft foam cut in 3/8 wide strips Legs Medium round rubber Tie on and build a good thread base stopping thread halfway between the hook point and eye. Apply head cement or zap to thread base to help hold the foam strips in place. Tie in one foam strip at the halfway point extending back. Tie in second foam strip at the halfway point extending forward Cut small foam strip, round corners on front side. Apply head cement or zap and place behind halfway point. Pull rear foam strip over the small square and tie in. Hold both strips up away from hook and advance thread forward behind eye. Tie off both strips. Trim the back strip flush with your tie off. Soft wrap the thread back to the halfway point Fold front strip back, tie in and trim. Tie in legs. I prefer 2 strips per side. Apply glue of choice to entire exposed thread.
  10. I'm sure it will be attach a pic, tie a fly, attach a pic, tie a fly, but will get it done. Take care and looking foward as always to some new bluegill candy for the spring.
  11. Hey, Ncbluegills. It's great to hear from you. I was hoping you would get in on this one. I am delighted that you will be joining us. It's wonderful to be back with "old friends" again. Even though we've never met, personally, there are guys on this list that I think of as friends who enrich my life. There are many, but you are one of them. Take care BB Same here BB. I may have fun attaching the pic for this swap since I live in the sticks and all we have is dial-up but were going to give it a try. May just have to attach them from work. Just don't tell on me....
  12. I'm in BB. Think I'll tie some sort of foam spider.
  13. http://www.jvlnet.com/~swinters/ This guy carries foam blocks in lots of colors along with the best cutters I've seen. I've been happy with his products so far. Hope this helps
  14. Got the goodie box today, great looking box of flies for sure. Thanks as always BB for a great swap. Tight lines NCBluegill
  15. Nice tie KYratchethead and nice to see you on the forum also.
  16. Well here is what I used to make the bullies Mustad 94840 size 10 flymaster+ 210 .015 lead wire ( to weight butt of hook) White River (bass pro) small pearl chenille Peacock herl ( for strip on back) 2 rubber legs app 2in long Wrap lead wire around hook shank about 10 times close together and slide towards butt of the hook just above barb. Tie on thread behind eye and wrap shank of hook covering lead wire. Advance thread back behind eye. Tie in chenille and 3 or 4 peices of peacock herl. Wrap chenille foward to about 3 hook eye widths from eye of hook and tie in. Pull peacock foward and tie at the same place as the chenille. Now the fun part, tie in one for the legs a little in fron of the other ties. Do this by folding leg double around thread and tie in with 2 or 3 wraps to hold in place. Now fold the leg back towards the body and wrap 3 or 4 more times to hold legs in the back position. Now do the same with the other leg. Finish making the head and tie off and glue. Hold legs back and trim to desired lenght. Maybe this will help. As for the legs, well it did take me a few tries to get them to stand up the first time I tied this fly too. In the first few I tied I was using 4 sep legs instead of 2 doubled. That was harder than the 2 for me anyway. Did this help any BB? :dunno:
  17. BB I'm glad you like the bullys but I didn't think they turned out that good. I'll post the materials list when I get home tonight. I can't seem remeber the correct name of the body material. Thanks for the prasies..
  18. Got my flies Tue.... Thanks for hosting another great swap B.B.
  19. Bullys are in the mail to u there BB. I didn't forget this time
  20. Where did you find the braid for the butt section???? And as posted above I want / need more details for the recipe too... Nice tie.
  21. Largest caught to date for me in NC was 12in to the tee and around the pound and 1/2 mark guessing. Have caught several 10 1/2 to 11in range that were a pound or alittle over but didn't have a scale for this one. I attached a pic I took with my phone, note the poor quality. Caught 11/4/07 on a black and white stealth bomber. Got to love those warm fall days....
  22. Count me in BB. I will be tying something with foam as always.... maybe a stealth bomber in brown or black. Both are very productive for me in the spring but what isn't that time of the year.... :dunno:
  23. Now that's one Christmas present that I will not be returning this year.... Great looking group of flies for sure!!
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