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  1. Welcome! Yes this can get expensive but it doesn't have to be, to start There is another book that I still use as a reference, The Art of Fly Tying and it doesn't cost as much as the Benchside Reference (You could ask for that one for a B-day or Christmas present ). And of course there is so much information for free on the web sites. My husband and I have not only learned a great deal but we have made a lot of wonderful friends on the fly fishing sites we belong too, people on here are wonderful for help. And I'm sure you will make some wonderfull friends just as we have Anyway, I'd love to see pics of your flies and once again Welcome!1 VEE
  2. I've been gone ( my Mother is in the hospital) and just now saw your post... We are praying for your brother and family... VEE
  3. Welcome to the forum! To answer your question..no I haven't Great bunch of people on this site ! I'm sure you will make lots of new friends VEE
  4. Graham Thanks I've only tied one realistic so far..a spider It might be considered a fishable realistic, I'm not sure One of the guys I sent one to caught an 18" brown trout on it I'll find the pic and post it when I get time... Right now I'm participating in the Classic Salmon Seminar. Very impressive, your first Salmon fly body! Have you finished it yet? Thanks again VEE
  5. Hi!! Al & Gretchen! REE & VEE
  6. I tie on a Renzetti Traveler with the cam jaws. As you can see above, my wife, Vickie, has a Nor-Vise and a Dan-Vise. Uh....Dear, I thought the Dan-Vise was your taveling vise??? REE Dang, I gotta start checking to make sure she has logged out before I post.
  7. I use a Nor-Vise and a Dan Vise And I like them both. I do need something else for a travel vise though. VEE
  8. Hi everyone! I just filled out the survey..very interesting. I'm supprised that I'm female number 2 I know there aren't a lot of us but I thought there would be more.... I guess I'm lucky because I personally know more than just 2 women fly fishers (and tyers). My husband and I both spend a lot on tying materials that's the downside of both of us enjoying this, it costs at least twice as much And we won't even talk about Rods reels etc... :yahoo: fishing season is here!!! :yahoo: VEE
  9. One of my favorite dries. Very nicely done.
  10. Last time I talked to Denny Conrad, he had an off color cree. The black bars were a dark dun instead of true black. Mighty nice looking feather. You might see if he has any of those. REE
  11. Joe That's cool, I'll have to try that! VEE
  12. Joe, I can only hope that will be the case
  13. Mokai Welcome!! I love the fly thanks for posting it! I look forward to seeing more in the future I live in Washington and know what you mean about being blessed with such a great resourse (so much variety!) steelhead :yahoo: Once again Welcome VEE
  14. Ephemerella, LOL I'd have liked to have seen that! I'm hoping this one decides to hang around He's gorgeous! And fun to watch:-) VEE
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