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  1. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by The_Carp_Hunter: MC Irish
  2. HI guys, fooling around my tying desk I ended up with this caddis imitation hope you enjoy it
  3. Beautiful fly, hope some day I can tie like that congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Guys, thanks for your kind comments and wishes.
  5. Hi guys, just to share my joy of being blessed with a daughter, she is suposed to be born anytime from today to the 17 of this month, and carried away by the illusion I tied this fly I know it is missing lots of things but it has lots of heart behind its construction, hope you like it!!!!!!
  6. I like them very good!!!!!!!!!
  7. Nice tie, but I would prefer Steelers hahahahahahahahahaha
  8. You will have to try harder if you want to make an ugly fly, I dont see anything wrong with this one I bet it will get fish
  9. Hi guys, my newest creation a franken bluegill hehehehehe
  10. Another version of the fly, hope you like it
  11. Well there are two ways I create my fly patterns, the first one is when a fly simply appears in my head and after that I just have to put the amterials together The second one is when I want to achieve certain action or to imitate an individual lifeform for an specific situation, in this case the first thing I do is to have a clear concept of what I want to achieve with the fly, or which features will be the more important. then I take my pencil and drawing book and start sketching how I want the fly to look like once I have a clear image of the fly is just select the right materials for hte job and fly is ready And yet another way is when I look at a material intended or not for flytying and just start thinking how could I use it on a new fly hehehe this happends to me alot before a I buy something on the flyshop
  12. Thanks guys, great you liked it DH, the hook is a Matzuo 6X long straigh eye size 2
  13. Hi guys, just to share with you my latest minnow design hehehe hope you like it!!!!!
  14. Phacops AKA Mr Arapaima ( you should tell that story) great job on the deer hair !!!!!!!!!!!!
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