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  1. I am 52 and a retired firefighter. I'm new to fly fishing and tying. My wife is also joining me doing the fly fishing. she said she will leave me with the tying task . I appreciate any and all help and suggestions people can give me. I live in Perryville Arkansas and I am really looking forward getting a chance to fish for some of these record brown trout. I hope I can contribute and participate in this forum. I am looking forward to spending time and exchanging information. Dave
  2. Thank you Longears, this is some good advice. I have heard the term Fly Swap before but know nothing about it. I will see if I can find more information on this forum about it. Thanks Dave
  3. I want to thank everyone who replied to my request on what material to buy. I apologize for making this a duplicate post to other ones that have been posted on the same type of question. I know in most forums most every question has been asked at one time or another. It just a matter of searching and finding it. I really do appreciate all of you taking the time to help me. You gave me some good guide lines for getting started. I hope that in the future I will be able to share and give to this forum. Thanks Dave
  4. Hello All I am new to all of this and I need your help and advice. does anyone have a recommended list of beginning tying material that I should buy? I could spend a butt load of money if I am let loose in a fly shop but then I would have to face the wrath of my wife when I got home...LOL. I have all my tools and vice but at a loss as to what material to buy and start stocking up on. I am looking for a good basic list to get me started so I am able to tie the most popular flies. Thanks Dave
  5. Hello John I live in Perryville, Arkansas. Its not around the corner but its still close enough that we can set up a fishing trip in between us. I am retired so I don't have to skip any school or work.....LOL Dave
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