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  1. What a buffoon. There's the challenge, Graham, tie a realistic buffoon. Seriously, I'm sorry this happened to you. What a story to tell around a campfire.
  2. Outstanding and well deserved acclaim!
  3. Really nice! Do more! Consider positioning the leg pairs at different angles on the next one and making a transition in size between the leg segments. Your wing technique is one to learn from. I really like it.
  4. Magnificent. Thank you so much for posting!
  5. Don't worry about your English, your tying speaks very well for you. Until your order of Japanese Nymph legs arrives, try tying with plastic broom bristles. Bon jour!
  6. Thank you gentlemen. I've been tying for about 10 years now but the realistic bug only bites on those dark cold winter days when you think you'll NEVER get out to go fishing again. I still have not finished this fly, but I have done some field work out on the stream where I can further research the naturals . Maybe I'll pull her out of the drawer here in the summer doldrums. It's not a fit day out for man nor beast.
  7. Wonderful photography, matting and framing. Best wishes on the auction! Will they take phoned-in bids?
  8. See if the stamp maker can get that fine a detail on a transparent stamp for ease of alignment on the material to be stamped. Also, you might request various shapes and sizes of wings on one stamp. Then you just ink the one you want. You might save money over the price of several custom stamps. Not that I've ever printed fly wings. Just sayin!
  9. :headbang: Sweet flies! You mentioned scribing the wings. Is that tape or some other plastic? They're really beautiful.
  10. Very Nice! How did you get a fat and flat shape?
  11. I'd be tempted to bite it!
  12. Thank you Harold. I have made some progress on the female one that the cat chewed. I'll post some photos of her a bit later. Maxima is a kind of leader material. The "femur" section of the legs is about 17lb test. The body section, on which the head, eyes and extended body are tied is 20lb. test. The 20lb fits like a key into a lock in the hollowed out end of the porcupine quill that forms the extended body. Here's the female. I guess I just don't have the skill for close-ups. She still needs feet, a wing spot (the macule of her species name), and to have a more dull coat of paint.
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