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  1. Flies are going out tomorrow. All flies are in except zip's. thank you for your patience. I plan to post all pics.
  2. Still waiting on a few tyers.
  3. I am waiting on someone's communication. Other than that, all other flies have been received.
  4. In my opinion, unless it sinks or is a diver, color doesn't matter that much unless you are using black. I truly believe that you can catch a bass on any color bug - if it's a topwater popping bug. However, I do think your pattern is great. I do think about color and design too. http://warmwaterflyfishing.blogspot.com/
  5. I have received more flies - hairstacker, oldfart, and yellow ccc. My Webpage
  6. I've had some interest but will have to do an open house. I have received more flies. deeky and steel45 your flies are in. My Webpage
  7. For this swap only (a few tyers are in the bluegill swap too)- I have received flies from Moushka. I will post pics of all the flies. I do recommend Hewlett Packard - good camera and HP Image Zone "photo Shop".
  8. This is the update as of today. Flies were received from Threader, geozip, fly time, paymaster, old fat and srfrsean. I will post pictures of all the flies. I have been busy selling my home - or rather showing it. Work has me bogged down. Sorry for the delay. Let me know if you have any questions.
  9. Paymaster your flies and Fly Time's flies are here. I did receive some others. I will update the list and pics soon!
  10. Yup, the 14th. I did receive flies - I will update the list and post pics soon!
  11. My addy is Josh Shock 18872 Shoreline Way Fayetteville, AR 72703. The address is also on the first page of these postings. I got flies from oldfart and millerwb. I will update photos soon.
  12. The swap is still going on. It's jsut closed to anyone else joining. No big deal. I got flies from Indycaster. I'll update photos soon.
  13. We only have 9 tyers for this swap. Sorry.
  14. We now have 9 swappers 1. fly time 2. Moushka 3. oldfart 4. Herman 5. DaUP 6. Carlp5351 7. Whippersnapper 8. Indyflycaster 9. bassgitter74 Please send your flies with a S.A.S.E. to: Joshua Shock 18872 Shoreline Way Fayetteville, AR 72703
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