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  1. As you say "one of the oldest" I love it
  2. My guess is Black Argus. And I can`t wait to se the result
  3. Thank you all. I guess I have too hand tie all my flies for some week. I am reconstructing my fly tying room.
  4. Two Black Jay. Right one tied in hand , hopefully with a more fishy look. I just love the Jay throat against the black. Hope you like it
  5. Great. I have to trye it. Think the Norwegian salmon will go crazy.
  6. Very nice. One of my favoritt patterns.
  7. Wowh That fly is so nice. I am sure that the Norwegian Salmon will be very intersted in that one . I think you have been using sadle hackles as squid arms. But what have you been using as hackle on the body and in front? I just have to try to tye one my self.
  8. woowhh. Great flies. Let us hope it will bring a big ammount for the au :headbang: ction
  9. Sebastian , Long and Thomas (thunder) looking flies at my place. Sebastian also caught his first Atlantic Salmon ever on his trip to Norway. Congratulations :yahoo: :yahoo:
  10. Great fly. And the head is just :yahoo: Nydelig
  11. The Doctor from Jones Guide to Norway. Tied in hand on a 2/0. Comments an critics are welcome
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